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Nov 4, 2012 6:00pm EST
states or rudy giuliani nor john edwards. we know that now. we didn't know that a couple years ago. elections look very different if you look at the record while they are going on as opposed to after the votes have been counted. most political commentators today summarize the election of 1932 led saying it was inevitable. the depression made of roosevelt's election inevitable, even herbert hoover knew that and in his own memoir he says he knew he was going to lose that election he just had to fight on to the very end. well, pretty shortly after i started doing my research the fact of the matter is very astute political commentators in 1932 were convinced that hoover had a good chance and the economy would be doing by to be better by 32 and franklin roosevelt was a weak candidate to be running against income. people like walter wittman 1932 as the campaign was getting under way. the candidates to oppose roosevelt to the democratic nomination if anyone of those other candidates had won the democratic nomination the democrats might very well have run a candidate to the right of herber
Oct 27, 2012 8:30pm EDT
. instituted by bye bye reagan-bush judges and rudy giuliani, bless his soul from new york city, tens of thousands of black lives were saved. when welfare was finally reformed tens of thousands of black lives were saved in a different way. welfare was so successful in law and order bills were so successful they were claiming credit for both. so we had 12 years of paradise within the chapter, post-o.j. paradise and many wonderful things that happened. most of all people were not walking on egg shells anymore. add to the list of words you just mentioned. people would worry about that you would innocently say a word and it he would ruin your career and you would be hated by all of humankind. that was over after oj and a lot of the change after oj was very subtle but it was a wonderful thing that happened for race relations in america. that faded, it happened a long time ago and along comes barack obama the most liberal candidate on a major party ticket in the nation's history. so it's a 244 liberals. they get a liberal president and they can give him credit. -- said they are in heaven. now
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2